Dancers Choice Fringe Victoria 2019

Broken Rhythms has enjoyed touring the Fringe circuit over the years and we specifically love the Victoria Fringe festival. This year we wanted to share our picks for the Victoria Fringe 2019 and encourage everyone to get out and enjoy as many shows as possible!! The 2019 Victoria Fringe kicks off on Wednesday August 21 with the Fringe Eve Preview in Centennial Square from 3 – 9pm. 

Into The Tango Pointetango

  • LOCATION: Metro Studio Theatre (Fringe Venue 3)
  • CREATED: Choreographed by Alexander Richardson
  • DURATION: 55mins
  • GENRE: Dance, Argentine Tango, Ballet

They’re back—Award-winning dance company, PointeTango returns from Buenos Aires with Into The Tango, a breathtaking new show featuring world-class dancers Erin Scott-Kafadar and Alexander Richardson. With fantastic lifts, ballet on pointe and flawless Argentine tango, this is a MUST-SEE show! Voted FAVOURITE DANCE show at the 2018 Victoria Fringe.

Antigones Maenad’s Theatre

  • LOCATION: Metro Studio Theatre (Fringe Venue 3)
  • CREATED: Luciana Fernandes
  • DURATION: 30mins
  • GENRE: Movement, Tragedy, Dance

A movement adaptation of Sophocles’ classic,  Antigone, in this piece, we turn to the other senses when words are not enough to express our truth. Our focus is on the experience of being Antigone; her truth and emotional journey as she defies the king to honour her fallen brother, knowing it may cost her life.

how to pull your heart out through your throat Impulse Theatre

  • LOCATION: Langham Court Theatre (Fringe Venue 5)
  • CREATED: Impulse Theatre
  • DURATION: 55 mins
  • GENRE: Interdisciplinary Theatre

In a dark vat, three creatures steeped in tar struggle to create themselves. Does their need for validation keep them from being seen? A collision of theatre, dance, poetry (and more!), Impulse Theatre’s magically visceral “how-to” guide will leave you asking: What does my heart really want to say?

Dissection of a … Mixed Heritage Woman Nyla Carpantier

  • LOCATION: Downtown Community Centre (Fringe Venue 2)
  • CREATED: Nyla Carpantier
  • DURATION: 60mins
  • GENRE: Heartfelt, Poetic, Solo Show

Dissection of a Indian Aboriginal First Nation Indigenous Native Status Full-Blood Non-Status Halfbreed Métis Rez Urban Mixed Heritage Woman 

Which part belongs to who? Told through family and personal stories, poetry, dance and a bit of song. One woman tries to find out who she is and where her mixed heritage is pulling her. Unraveling and weaving together her experiences to figure out how to fit within society and not set it on fire. 

Nevermore hapax theatre

  • LOCATION: Metro Studio Theatre (Fringe Venue 3)
  • CREATED: Music Matt Conner, Book Grace Barnes (based on Edgar Allan Poe’s writing)
  • DURATION: 90mins
  • GENRE: Musical Theatre

Edgar Allan Poe lies unconscious in a gutter, dreaming of the women who shaped his life. But in the morning will he wake to dawn, or eternal darkness? From the creative team behind The Boy in the Chrysalis (2018 Pick-of-the-Fringe Winner), Nevermore transforms the works of Poe into haunting melodies about love, loss, and gothic longing. #yyjnevermore

GRL PWR: A Musical History of 90s Girl Group Feminism Salty Broad Productions

  • LOCATION: Metro Studio Theatre (Fringe Venue 3)
  • CREATED: Sadie Evans & Emilee Nimetz
  • DURATION: 55mins
  • GENRE: Feminist Musical Lecture

I’ll tell you what I want — what I really really want! What I really want is — GRL PWR! The campy, historical, musical lecture of your dreams! If you’re a fan of TLC, Spice Girls, and Destiny’s Child or if you owned xxtra lowrise jeans and/or chunky platforms, or if you believe that womxn are people — this is the show for you!

Josephine Dynamite Lunchbox

  • LOCATION: Langham Court Theatre (Fringe Venue 5)
  • CREATED: Tymisha Harris, Tod Kimbro, and Michael Marinaccio
  • DURATION: 75 mins
  • RATING: Adults only: Adult Themes, Nudity
  • GENRE: Musical Theatre, Historical

Starring 6-time “Best of Fest” and 6-time “Outstanding Performer” winner Tymisha Harris, this critically-acclaimed Off-Broadway biographical musical combines theatre, cabaret and burlesque to tell the story of the iconic Josephine Baker, the first African American international superstar and one of the most extraordinary figures of the 20th Century.

LUB DUB Rage Sweater Theatre Productions

  • LOCATION: Downtown Community Centre (Fringe Venue 2)
  • CREATED: Monica Ogden, KP Productions, Tony Adams
  • DURATION: 60mins
  • GENRE: Variety, Protest, Experimental

A variety show for the marginalized, angry, unseen. LUB DUB is unapologetic, political, fiercely entertaining. Centering experiences of Black, Filipino, Queer, disabled, low income folks, LUB DUB invites you to celebrate, collaborate, and smash white supremacy. “I left feeling recharged…I made monkey sounds and put pepper up my nose, but I didn’t feel pressured to do it” – APT 613

*Bonus Site Specific Show In fan Tan Alley

The Trophy Hunt Open Pit Theatre

  • LOCATION: Fan Tan Alley (Fringe Site D)
  • CREATED: Trina Davis (playwright) & Jessica Hickman/Celine Stubel (co-directors)
  • DURATION: 60 mins
  • GENRE: Dark Comedy

A rolling world premiere being performed in five Canadian cities, The Trophy Hunt is a dark comedy exploring who eats who in a world where everything is observed, everything a zoo. Three unique characters irrevocably affected by the business of Big Game Hunting share their stories in a hidden location in Fan Tan Alley. Come on a hunt to stalk something wild and dangerous…you just might find it!

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**Broken Rhythms Victoria supports all fringe performances. We usually focus on movement based Fringe shows and Victoria companies that we have worked with. We would love any feedback

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