Dancers of Broken Rhythms 1,000 Pieces of ∏: Introducing Caleigh

Caleigh Hunter (She/Her)

Caleigh began dancing at the age of seven and competed for over 10 years in festivals on and off the island. After living, travelling, and dancing abroad for nearly five years, she is thrilled to be living, creating, dancing, and teaching back on Vancouver Island. Caleigh founded the Heels In Harmony dance shoe project, and has her Teaching Associates in Tap and Modern Dance faculties (ISTD). Caleigh has a passion for all things movement; she is a BCRPA fitness and weights instructor, is a personal trainer, is a 200hr Yoga instructor, has a diploma in Sport Management, and a Bachelor of Sport and Fitness Leadership. Caleigh co-owns RNS dance and believes movement creates empowered communities. Caleigh began dancing with Broken Rhythms in 2015 and has loved every moment.

Question 1) What would you say has been the most difficult and rewarding part of creating 1,000 pieces of π ?

I’m a rhythm counter. In my brain I have three parallel lines running through the show. The top line is the choreography pattern numbers, the middle line is the rhythm of the music 1-8, and the bottom is the map of my pathways. That’s been really hard on my brain. The most rewarding is that it somehow worked! 

 Question 2) How has the experience of creating a work during COVID impacted the process?

I’m so thankful for this group of humans. Beyond grateful.  It was different to train in masks, to not be able to do lifts, to not be able to have the whole cast at rehearsal, to not be able to do spacing, and to not be able to use audible breath. As time went on we were able to introduce these elements into the piece again and that was such a nice treat and really made me realize how impactful those elements were. 

Share a short play list of your warm up music before you hit the stage ( Available on Spotify)

Check out Caleigh and all the Broken Rhythms Dancers Jan 14!

Location: The Metro Studio (1411 Quadra St, Victoria, BC V8W 2L2)

Dates: Jan 14 7:30-8:30

Tickets: 1,000 Pieces of π Tickets

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