Dancers of Broken Rhythms 1,000 Pieces of ∏: Introducing Christina

Christina Plaschka (she/her)

Originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Christina began her dance training at the age of two when her parents put her in dance classes in an effort to curb her never-ending energy. Since moving to BC, Christina has continued to explore her love of dance by taking different classes in ballet, jazz, contemporary and hip-hop. Christina is a founding member of Broken Rhythms, and has performed in many of their works, including Spark, Grim, Universal Horrors,Thyself, and Seven. She has performed in multiple Fringe Festivals on Vancouver Island, as well as in Toronto. Outside of dance, Christina loves to travel and spend her time outdoors.

Questions 1)  What would you say has been the most difficult and rewarding part of creating 1,000 pieces of π ?

The most difficult part of creating the show for me was trying to wrap my head around the concept of associating numbers with movement. My brain doesn’t usually remember choreography in such a linear way, so it was an interesting challenge for both my body and brain! The most rewarding part is, without a doubt, being able to dance and perform again with such a talented group of people. Plus, I now have a new party trick I can show off! 

Question 2) How many numbers of π could you probably figure out given the time to decode the movement?

I think I could confidently remember the first 50-100 numbers without making a mistake. After that,  I could maybe fumble my way to 500 or so if I was allowed to dance out the numbers, but no promises!

Share a short play list of your warm up music before you hit the stage ( Available on Spotify)

 – Hot like sauce – Pretty Lights- You and Me-  Disclosure ft. Flume-Electric Pow Wow – the Halluci Nation- Voodoo in my Blood – Massive Attack, Young Fathers- Drop the Game – Flume.

Check out Christina and all the Broken Rhythms Dancers Jan 14!

Location: The Metro Studio (1411 Quadra St, Victoria, BC V8W 2L2)

Dates: Jan 14 7:30-8:30

Tickets: 1,000 Pieces of π Tickets

Join the Facebook Event: 1,000 Pieces of π -one night only

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