Easy as π-Journey back to the theater

It has almost been a year to the day since Broken Rhythms had to cancel in person rehearsals for Into the WIRE and serendipitously taking place on March 14 (3.14 PI DAY), Broken Rhythms is heading back to the theater to film Making π.

This project has been a long time in the making or as we have begun to say… a long time “baking”.

Originally designed as a creative neurological experiment Making π explores the mind body connection by codifying the movement vocabulary and systematically following π’s never ending and never repeating number schema. The hypothesis began as a simple question … can one memorise complicated codes through movement?

The concept has been the brain child of Broken Rhythms Artistic/Executive Director Dyana Sonik-Henderson for many years. Diagnosed with dyslexia at age 10, the linear memorization of numbers was a challenge and later in her academic career when having to memorize complicated formulas, she took her movement vocabulary and choreographed the code in her body, then was able to apply it to the task at hand.

Since the inception Making π has challenged the dancers creatively, physically and mentally. It has however also provided a focus outside of the current state of the arts as well as an external goal that has allowed the project to slowly grow even during the shut downs.

Broken Rhythms would like to acknowledge the support of Intrepid Theatre for providing us a tech residency to safely film and dance in a theater again. As well as gratitude towards the CRD for a project grant, BC Arts Council for the Arts and Culture Resilience Award, and Victoria Academy of Ballet and Rhythm & Soul Dance for safe rehearsal spaces . We also give thanks to all our donors and supporters who have helped keep artists working by donating money, sharing/liking posts, watching our creative acts and keeping our spirits high.

The online showing of Making π will explain the code and some history in a segment modeled after popular cooking shows, then follow with the development and conclude with a performance of the first 194 numbers of π. We are working on the best way to distribute it online but until then follow along on Broken Rhythms Instagram: brokenrhythmsvictoria for updates, livestreams on π day and some fun pi(e) puns.

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