Dancers of Broken Rhythms 1,000 Pieces of ∏: Introducing Candace

Candace Bruce (she/her)

Candace is a performer and educator, born in and residing on the unceded territory of the Coast Salish and Lekwungen speaking peoples. It was here that she grew up dancing and training before moving abroad to work with companies such as Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, Disney Cruise Line, and Netflix. It was during this time that Candace discovered and cemented her love of classic jazz styles and contemporary dance. After several years of dancing and travelling, Candace is excited to be back creating, dancing, and teaching in her home community. Candace is the newest member of Broken Rhythms and is thrilled to be performing in her first Fringe festival with the company.  

Question 1) How has the experience of creating a work during COVID impacted the process?

Creating a show during the pandemic offered many unusual hurdles. For myself, the most unexpected challenge was adapting to the lack of physical contact between dancers. I was shocked to discover how greatly the lack of contact affected my connection to the pieces and the performers around me. It was only after we safely began implementing the connections throughout the work that I began to feel grounded in the movements and developed a heightened awareness of my fellow company dancers. 

 Question 2) What would you say has been the most difficult and rewarding part of creating 1,000 pieces of π ?

Due to the never-repeating nature of pi, this show provided me with a new opportunity to test my memory of choreography. With no exact repeating sequences or obvious patterns to follow, this work tested the lengths of my muscle memory and linear memory. 

Share a short play list of your warm up music before you hit the stage ( Available on Spotify)

Check out Candace and all the Broken Rhythms Dancers Jan 14!

Location: The Metro Studio (1411 Quadra St, Victoria, BC V8W 2L2)

Dates: Jan 14 7:30-8:30

Tickets: 1,000 Pieces of π Tickets

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