Ghost Light-by Sara Peddle

Ghost light – a ghost light is a single bulb left burning whenever a theatre is dark.

Concept: Sara Peddle

As a performer, I wanted to explore the feelings that are brought about when thinking of all the theatres sitting empty as we navigate this pandemic.

The vest in this piece was a prop I wore in my first show with Broken Rhythms, Thyself. Personally, this character represented the manifestation of the dark thoughts in the corners of your mind; the anxiety and depression that can break through the surface in your daily life. This feels especially relevant in these last 8 months, where it has been easy to feel isolated and alone.

I read recently that many theatres around the world have renewed the tradition of leaving a ghost light on, as a sign that they will reopen after we can gather in person once more. The image in my mind of all of these ghost lights leaving no theatre in the dark gives me hope for a time when we can take the stage together again.

We want to create and be a support to local dance artists and companies while providing payment and a safe environment for all artists involved. We have put a call out to the Broken Rhythms dance company members and challenged them to develop a small act of creation in 5 hours. The focus of these small acts of creation is to begin creating again and see if anything develops. We want to plant small creative seeds in the community and see if anything grows.

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