Broken Rhythms’ seventh year premieres with SEVEN

To mark the seventh year of creating dance in Victoria, Broken Rhythms Dance is launching a full season starting with a remount of the highly acclaimed and aptly titled show, SEVEN.

SEVEN is based on the seven stages of the grieving process identified by Robert Kavanaugh. These SEVEN stages  look at the series of behaviors and coping mechanisms one displays  when going through a stressful loss such as a close relationship, a breakup, or a death.

SEVEN, explores the universality of grief and how it can paralyze, shock and yet be ultimately freeing. It has been a highly requested show to bring back to the stage and due to the subject matter of working through the stages of grief has been one that has resonated with audiences across Canada.

The SEVEN Stages 

Shock/Denial, Disorganization, Volatile Reaction, Guilt, Loss/Loneliness, Relief and Rebuilding /Reestablishment.  According to Kavanaugh “These seven stages do not subscribe to the logic of the head as much as to the irrational tugs of the heart – the logic of need and permission”

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