Broken Rhythms Dance Company

We are a Victoria Indie professional non profit dance company that creates exciting new works, gives back to the community and pays the artists we work with. We also offer free training to those who are in development for productions. Victoria dancers who are interested in working with Broken Rhythms are encouraged to make contact by taking Rhythmical Contemporary workshops, attending Broken Rhythms events/shows and making direct contact by email

Upcoming: Auditions for upcoming project TBA (4-6 Dancers)

What you will need at the upcoming audition
Resume or an outline of dance experience, a blurb about why you dance, headshot, any possible rehearsal/show conflicts you will might have in the upcoming year and any Broken Rhythms workshops, events, or  shows you have attended and what impacted you.

*Rehearsals primarily take place on Sundays and any scheduling conflicts must be disclosed before a position will be offered

Broken Rhythms encourages all body shapes, genders and dance disciplines to audition. Special consideration is given to dancers that have worked successfully with Broken Rhythms in the past.