Fractured Dancer


Taking inspiration from my dancers at work, Fractured Dancer is an exploration of shadow, movement and separation. Fractured begins to tell the story of the difference between the performer and the person, the creator and the creation and the worker and the tools. This work shows the dancers discovering the multiple selves that come out during a performance as well as the creative progress behind a production in development. The black and white photography added a haunting quality to the work, which I kept running through the entire project, and the photo manipulation allowed me to control what the audience sees and focuses on.
The photo manipulation in a few of the works came from continuous experimentation with the film development process. The strip photos were created by cutting up negatives from multiple pictures and piecing them back together with tape. The layered photos are from experimenting with developing two negatives simultaneously. The patterning seen in some of the photos is from creating a cut out first, then putting it on the photo paper as it was being developed.
All photos are taken with a film camera and usually taken with minimal lighting.



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