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Internal Rhythms, draws inspiration from the classically romantic period of orchestra. Broken Rhythms presents four short works in snapshot form that give insight into a creative process. Inspired by a night at the symphony watching the musicians play and visualizing the notes dancing, these four works examine parallels between creative blocks, conception, burn out, and inspiration. Internal Rhythms celebrates dancing to the beat of our own drum and the unifying language of music and creative motivation.

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Caleigh and Allison in rehearsal for Internal Rhythms

Movement I: Composer Out of darkness comes creation.

Movement II: Semibreve A musical note four beats long in 4/4 time. Escaping the constraints of structure, Semibreve looks at musical notes escaping the confining structure of a music bar.

Movement III: Cadence A cadence is labeled “weak” or “strong” depending on its sense of finality. Burnout can be viewed as a rest or pause allowing reflection, growth, and transition.

Movement IV: Du Baroque Baroque music is that in which the harmony is confused, and loaded with modulations and dissonances. The singing is harsh and unnatural, and the intonation is difficult.

Broken Rhythms is a working contemporary dance company under the direction of Dyana Sonik-Henderson. Premiering modestly at Intrepid Theatre’s YOU Show in 2011 with the full work SPARK, they won a Pick of the Fringe award later that year. Broken Rhythms has flourished ever since, producing an annual mainstage production along with over sixty smaller side projects and Canada tours including Vancouver Island, Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto and Halifax. Their mandate also includes reaching out into the community to educate, create and explore the experience of dance. ThySelf and Seven this past year has solidified Broken Rhythms as a force in the contemporary dance community in B.C having the largest response from the Victoria community with sold out shows and requests for longer show runs and remounts.

Sara and Allison in rehearsal at Raino dance 

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