Into the WIRE

Into the WIRE (online) is a restructured online performance of Broken Rhythms full show Into the WIRE whose rehearsals and subsequent shows were postponed then canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The original production was designed as a post -apocalyptic dance show that dealt with themes of survival, social isolation, social cohesion, technology, betrayal, and impact of environmental deterioration. These themes have become even more relevant as the weeks pass and Into the WIRE (online) continued to explore these ideas as it transitions to a new artistic medium.

This online version was created in social isolation with Dyana Sonik-Henderson (Choreographer/Artistic Director of Broken Rhythms) dancing to all original music by Dan Godlovitch of okpk with lighting design by Emma Dickerson and film production by Matthew Graham.

INTO THE WIRE UPDATE! Due to the overwhelming response, donations, support and coverage received for Into the WIRE we have made the first of three parts available online.

We would like to vocalize Broken Rhythms commitment to paying the artists for the work they have put into the upcoming projects even though they will not be able to perform it this time around.

When it is down to the wire what choices will we make…“-

Broken Rhythms would like to acknowledge and thank the the cast of artists and dancers who helped create the movement vocabulary that has inspired this online work. Carlene Forbes (developer and performer), Heidi Fox Lange (developer and performer), Allison Rhodes (developer and performer), Christina Plaschka (performer), Alexa Ste Marie (performer), Caleigh Hunter (developer) and Sara Peddle (developer). Dan Godlovich of okpk who was going to perform his music live during the show run, Emma Dickerson who is helping the production with lighting remotely and Lindsie Nicholas, who is the BR Dramaturge.

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