Life and Death-Heidi Fox Lange

Concept/Singer Heidi Fox Lange

This project began as a simple extension of one of my intentions for 2020:  to focus more on spontaneous play than goal-oriented achievements.  My original idea for #smallactsofcreation was to have a fun and playful photoshoot with my daughters.  I was compelled to have the photoshoot in Ross Bay Cemetery as I’ve always been drawn to its peaceful atmosphere.  It is particularly beautiful in the Autumn.  

When Dyana Sonik-Henderson asked me to probe further into why I chose a cemetery for the location of the shoot, some pondering reconnected me with a Zen Buddhist poem titled “The Night Chant”.  Its profound message resonates deep within me.  

Last year, prominent Mindfulness teacher/author Michael Stone unexpectedly passed away.  At that time, I intuitively created a melody for the traditionally spoken chant, perhaps a means to help process Michael’s death.  My #smallactsofcreation thus became intertwined with this potent chant: 6 photos illustrate “The Night Chant”, sung by yours truly.

We want to create and be a support to local dance artists and companies while providing payment and a safe environment for all artists involved. We have put a call out to the Broken Rhythms dance company members and challenged them to develop a small act of creation in 5 hours. The focus of these small acts of creation is to begin creating again and see if anything develops. We want to plant small creative seeds in the community and see if anything grows.

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