SPARK - Poster

Over on the dance-y side of the Fringe, Spark offers a primal energy and intricate physicality. Modelled after several stages of creation—from single cells to sentient life—the show has fluidity and progression as each stage carries its own signature. Rather than resting on physical stunts, Spark runs on musicality, grace and visual sensibility. At times, the six dancers create incredibly complex scenes while at other moments a single dancer owns the stage.

The choreography here is made for music; the visuals and sound are so intertwined that it’s like the dancers’ bodies are plucking the strings. The precision and synchronization here is impeccable; the dancers make small and subtle movements by the second, in perfect time. Though the show is astounding to see, what’s truly amazing about Spark is the emotive quality conveyed through the choreography itself and the expressive faces of its performers. Its momentum, tension and sheer nerve will have you transfixed. This one is ever-evolving and simply breathtaking.

– CVV Magazine, Erin Anderson

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