Operations Director

Amanda Smith

In early years, Amanda found beauty in her natural surroundings as well as through her vivid imagination, where she eventually realized that her visions could be turned into creations of her own devices. Growing up with Ballet as her practice, she soon moved to other disciplines of dance such as Modern, Folk, Hip Hop and West African and Poi.  After a long gap without dance in her life, Amanda hopes to return to her long-lost love of dance in 2022.

Amanda’s love of culture and curiosity about the world was fulfilled through her 5 years working on the production team of the ICA’s FolkFest, where she worked with a dynamic team, to produce a multi-venue 10 day international festival, that attracted an attendance of 500,000 and where she coordinated a team of over 1000 volunteers! Amanda continued working in the Arts + Community-Building by developing the Victoria Event Centre, where she soon became the Director, growing and managing the multi-purpose Arts space for 10 years. In her role of Victoria City Organizer, Amanda has produced 19 volumes of Pecha Kucha Night Victoria inviting over 250 people to present on a wide range of topics: art, film, photography, design, performance, travel, environment, architecture, music, poetry, food, story-telling……

Amanda’s latest creative endeavour is MakeShare, a member-powered creative community, a one-of-a-kind local arts hub and creative network, that collectively creates a viable, resilient and entrepreneurial community local of creators, makers and innovators, through a Directory, Funding Platform, Online Maker Store, Workshops + Markets.

Email: operations.brokenrhythms@gmail.com

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 PechaKucha Night Victoria

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