Small Acts of Creativity

We at Broken Rhythms are saddened by the loss of so many creative works and are tired of waiting to create again

First some History…

Broken Rhythms like all arts organization has been impacted by the pandemic causing the cancelation just weeks before the premiere of Into the WIRE. We also had to cancel our annual Fundraiser LASHBASH that provides 25% of the seasonal funding and of course the cancelation of the Fringe Festival in which Broken Rhythms was slated to perform a new (and secret) work.

The complex problem…

How can you create work when the dancers can not touch? How can you set a schedule when a sore throat will keep dancers away? How can you pay dancers when you have no ticket sales, no granting money allocated, and no foreseeable performance date? The plethora of complications and problems can keep on going and as one problem is solved, another springs up to take its place. The complexities of this new way cannot be fully explained and it has caused us to freeze. To become unstuck we need to give ourselves a chance to re engage and re-imagine how we can participate in the arts in a creative way.

The solution …

We have a very small amount of money we were saving to invest in the upcoming season but with that season unknown we have allocated that amount back into the company and artists with #smallactsofcreativity

We want to create and be a support to local dance artists and companies while providing payment and a safe environment for all artists involved. We have put a call out to the Broken Rhythms dance company members and challenged them to develop a small act of creation in 5 hours. The focus of these small acts of creation is to begin creating again and see if anything develops. We want to plant small creative seeds in the community and see if anything grows.

#smallactsofcreativity is for anyone and everyone

Are you interested in joining us or finding out more? Do you have a small act of creativity you would like to share? Would you like to support more of these actions from Broken Rhythms or within the arts community?

Contact us by email or through the Broken Rhythms Social Media platforms


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