Throw Yourself like Seed-Candace Bruce

Concept, Choreographer, Dancer: Candace Bruce

Reader: Kyler Rayhill

Poem: Throw Yourself like Seed – Miguel de Unamuno

When this project was started in October, it was the first creative outlet I had been afforded in months. Since the onset of the pandemic and the industry shutdowns, I lacked the motivation to dance or create. 

I want to acknowledge the unceded territory of the Songhees and Esquimalt people where I am an unwelcome guest. I am grateful for the ability to create and live on this land.

As I searched for inspiration, I found a poem that resonated with me. Throw Yourself like Seed by Miguel de Unamuno is a beautiful message of hope. One that reminds me that during the greatest times of loss and uncertainty, comfort and stability are found in my deepest passions. 

The reader, Kyler Rayhill, is an incredibly talented actor, who was equally affected by the pandemic. Kyler and I collaborated to create a recitation that spoke to the despair and eventual joy that was both shared while working on it. 

Filming this piece in the forest was significant. To me, the woods have an important duality. Despite the fact that the tall trees can instill fear or loneliness, they also are comforting and rejuvenating. I feel grounded amongst the forest. Like the woods, my work has provided stability and clarity, in a year where I should feel uncertain. 

During my reflection, I realize that the creation of the piece allowed me to have a deeper understanding of the poem’s theme. It showed me that I can feel grounded, even during the greatest adversity. During hardship, I must follow what makes me feel the most alive – my work.

We want to create and be a support to local dance artists and companies while providing payment and a safe environment for all artists involved. We have put a call out to the Broken Rhythms dance company members and challenged them to develop a small act of creation in 5 hours. The focus of these small acts of creation is to begin creating again and see if anything develops. We want to plant small creative seeds in the community and see if anything grows.

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