Focus on the Dancers (Into the Wire)

This would be the week we would be introducing the “Into the WIRE” cast as we prepared to premiere Broken Rhythms newest work. With the show transforming into an online solo show premiering on April 17th we want to bring focus on the dancers who have devoted so much time and energy to this project.

*We would like to vocalize Broken Rhythms commitment to paying the artists for the work they have put into the upcoming projects even though they will not be able to perform it this time around.

Allison Rhodes

When the show was officially cancelled, I was not surprised, but I still felt a sense of loss. Those rehearsals hold so much meaning, and even knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t trade them for the world.”

                Christina Plaschka          

“I miss creating, exploring, and laughing with the wonderful ladies of Broken Rhythms, and I feel a deep void where dance rehearsals and classes used to be.”

Carlene Forbes

 But what this whole process has showed me, is that sometimes the pause is part of the process. When the world stops turning, even for a moment, it gives a kind of space to reflect, discover and gain a new, clearer perspective.

Heidi Fox Lange

I realize now how I value the creation process equally as much as the performance, if not more.

Alexa Ste Marie

I look forward to seeing what it becomes. In my home. Alone. I also look forward to seeing how the local, national and global arts communities emerge from the hiatus they’ve found themselves in. And of course, I look forward to getting back into the studio with Broken Rhythms to help create something new”

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