1,000 Pieces of ∏-Intrepid showing!

The 2021 Pick of the Fringe winner, 1,000 Pieces of ∏ from Broken Rhythms Victoria Society returns for one night only on Friday January 14 at 7:30pm at The Metro Studio.

Tickets just went on sale! Save the date, and get your Fringe fix this winter

From the innovative dance company that brought you ‘Pick of the fringe’ winning shows ‘Spark’, ‘Grim’ and ‘SEVEN’, Broken Rhythms is back to serve up some delicious dancing π with a twist (and a few turns). 1,000 Pieces of π is the first act of its kind in that it investigates the mind-body connection by defying conventions and utilizing the constraints of the never ending and never repeating sequence of the number π (3.14) to create a full and meaningful show.

About the Show!

Have you ever experienced math phobia? How about math anxiety? More specifically, arithmophobia or numerophobia, fear of math and/or numbers.  Dyana Sonik-Henderson, artistic director of the independent rhythmical contemporary dance company Broken Rhythms, knows all about those phobias and has created a self-imposed challenge for her newest work, 1,000 Pieces of π.

This work follows the never-ending and never-repeating number sequence that makes up the irrational number we call π/Pi, most commonly written as 3.14. The entire show contains only ten dance moves, and each of these moves has been given a corresponding number: (1) Head, (2) Jump, (3) Slide, (4) Turn, (5) Balance, (6) Torso around, (7) Kick, (8) Run, (9) Touch the floor, (0) Connect to another dancer. The goal is to reach the 1,000th number of π in under 50 minutes, demonstrating the body’s incomparable ability for knowledge accumulation and sequencing by utilizing the body to memorize the first 1,000 numbers of π and performing the work with a talented cast of dancers.

Creative Team
Conceived/Directed and Choreographed by: Dyana Sonik-Henderson
Dancers: Caleigh Hunter, Allison Rhodes, Christina Plaschka, Sara Peddle and Candace Bruce
Lighting Designer: Emma Dickerson

Accessibility: Please indicate any accessibility needs, including wheelchair accessible seating or if you require seating with no stairs, in the provided field. We will do our best to assign seating that works for you and get in touch if we have any questions. There is limited ground-level seating (4 tables). Most tables are on tiered risers accessed up stairs.

Please note: Single seats are spaced out and fixed to the floor, and are not able to be moved together.

Sensory information: This show has variable music volume levels. You can listen to the soundtrack in advance at intrepidtheatre.com.

Vaccination Passports: All patrons aged 12+ are required to show proof of vaccination. To meet the legal requirements of the PHO, staff at the theatre will ask to see proof of vaccination and one piece of valid government-issued photo identification for all ticket holders in your party. Patrons can show their BC Vaccine Card either digitally or as a paper copy, or an out of province proof of vaccination. Note, photo ID is only required for patrons aged 19+.

All BC residents are able to access their vaccine cards by downloading your digital QR proof of vaccination gov.bc.ca/vaccinecard.

When you arrive at The Metro Studio to see a show, please be patient, and a staff member will check the vaccine card and photo ID for all members of your group before you enter the theatre. Be prepared by having your BC Vaccine Card QR code ready to display (or any proof of vaccination if from out of Province) along with your ID before proceeding to the box office tent.

Masks: Masks are required at all times .

Refunds: If you are not feeling well, please stay home to help keep everyone safe. We are able to discuss refunds on a case by case basis due to health reasons only. Please contact 250 383 2663 or tickets@intrepidtheatre.com. We are unable to arrange refunds after a performance has occurred, so you must contact us beforehand.

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