Broken Rhythms Highlights for Dance Days 2019!!!

Get those dance emojis ready because the 2019 Victoria Dance Days is upon us!!!

As a lover of all dance and an active member of the Victoria dance community   I wanted to pass on some helpful information to make Dance Days 2019 the most enjoyable week of the year!!!

Jazz at Raino Dance Photo by Helene Cry

Starting on January 18 and ending on the 27 you can participate in free dance classes taking place all over the city with styles ranging from ballet to flamenco and levels from beginner to advanced. Keep in mind while browsing the Calendar (link below) some of the classes require you to pre register and some have age recommendations.

Full Calendar for classes here 

Free classes are not all that is offered!

Rough Cuts are informal showings performed under work lights and without costume or makeup. Join a group of visiting dance presenters from across the country and participate in a meaningful discussion with the artists.*suggested donation $15 at the door

Concussion by Stacey Horton. Photo by Gillian Davidson

8bitself (2017)

Self Portrait (2016)

untamed donkeys

Supernova (Excerpt)

Concussion (Rough Cut)

Also taking place for ONE NIGHT ONLY!!

Sølvi Edvardsen’s MAN • McPherson Playhouse
January 25, 2019. *One performance only*
In MAN, Adhana uses only a small sitting stool as his partner to embody the struggles of a bicultural identity, while considering who is he? Where does he come from? At the heart of the work is Edvardsen’s exploration of how we put limits on ourselves based on our life experiences.

Showings at Dance Victoria (Free) 

If you are still Jazzed (lol) we also wanted to bring your attention to two showings happening at Dance Victoria “Strangeland” by Kelly Hobson “Third Canvas – New Work in Progress”  by Kathy Lang. These are free to attend and a great way to connect to the work in development!

We also needed to take a second and highlight some of the amazing and creative classes and events that stand out.


This is definitely not all that will be offered during this year’s Dance Days, so put on your legwarmers and let us know what you will be attending.

-See you on the dance floor!

*Broken Rhythms Victoria Society overarching vision is “To Support and Encourage the Local Victoria Dance Community” and “To be involved in community events that feature dance and/or movement based works” Broken Rhythms is not associated with Dance Days.

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