Broken Rhythms to remount two of their most popular works for LASHBASH 2019

Raising Money Never Looked so Good: Photo by Ian Sparks

LASHBASH is the arts event to attend this summer. It is a show, fundraiser and party all in one. Refreshments and Lashes provided!!!

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Doors open at 6:30pm for the silent auction, show to follow. We invite you to stay for the whole event or come and go as you like!

Location: Uplands Golf Course  Times: Silent auction starts at 6:30pm, show to follow.  Date: Wednesday, June 26, 2019
Tickets: LASHBASH Tickets 


Volatile Reactions (from the original work SEVEN). Volatile reaction is the third stage in the SEVEN stages of Grief. Winner of multiple fringe awards and a four star review by The Edmonton Sun.

Volatile Reactions (photo by Dyana Sonik-Henderson)

Movement II Semibreve (A musical note four beats long in 4/4 time) from the original work Internal Rhythms (2019)Escaping the constraints of structure, Semibreve looks at musical notes escaping the confining structure of a music bar. This happy high energy work explores freedom of thought and movement. This work made possible by the CRD and supporters and donors to last year’s Lashbash.

Movement II- Semibreve (photo by Dyana Sonik-Henderson)

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Tickets: LASHBASH Tickets 

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