Broken Rhythms Update -Artistic/Executive Director

It is with great sadness that Broken Rhythms is announcing the suspension of their 2019/2020 season. This includes the premiere of “Into the Wire” live, Lashbash (our annual fundraiser) and upcoming Rhythmical Contemporary workshops.

We would like to thank and acknowledge the dancers, the creative team and board members who have put so much work, time and support into this season. We would like to vocalize Broken Rhythms commitment to paying the artists for the work they have put into the upcoming projects.

Into the WIRE will be transformed into an online experience heavily influenced by the work created in the studio, but set in this new world that we are all experiencing. We look forward to updating you on this project as it develops.

We also want to acknowledge our commitment to the small local businesses who for the past 5 years have donated to Broken Rhythms LASHBASH fundraiser and we would like to offer another year of considering you supporters and donors even if you can’t donate at this time.

If you have purchased tickets to “Into the WIRE” or LASHBASH we will be in contact with you within the week to offer full refunds.

We will continue to create from afar and be inspired by all the beauty around us. Stay safe, stay inspired and stay home if you can.

In Gratitude,

Dyana Sonik-Henderson

Artistic/Executive Director

Broken Rhythms Victoria Society

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