Caleigh Hunter

caleigh-monsterCaleigh began dancing at the age of 7 and knew she had found the thing that would be able to transform her thoughts into understanding; it would be something that would last a lifetime. Participating in various competitions, workshops, shows, and representing Victoria as a soloist at Provincials led her to move overseas at 17 to pursue dance.

Caleigh returned to Canada in 2012 and completed her Bachelor of Sport and Fitness Leadership as well as her Associates in Tap and Modern faculties from the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing. She currently teaches at various studios on the island as well as runs Heels In Harmony- a non-profit dance shoe project for dancers in need. Caleigh believes that dance has the power to build strong, creative, and empowered communities!


In her words…

How long have you been dancing with Broken Rhythms?

I started dancing with BR in September 2015 and have loved every second of it.

What’s your favorite piece in Universal Horrors?13920888_10157319022565038_2388274419847225093_n

I think Dracula- it was the first piece that we started with. And watching it for the first time as a stand-alone dance was the second time I fell in love with it.

Why should people come to see Universal Horrors?

My hope is that this show will reach those people who have never attended a dance event or show before. If we can get one more person embracing the arts and dance we have done our job. We have such an amazing arts community in Victoria and in order for that to continue to grow and flourish we have to support the local companies.

cael-90sDo you have any pre-performance rituals to help you to get ready for the stage?

Yes- before I leave my house I stand outside on the earth. I place my hands on my heart and I repeat 3 powerful words 3 times. They set the tone for my approach to the works- the words are different each time, it depends on what my role as a performer will be that day 😉
Other than rhythmical contemporary, what styles of dance do you like to do?
My teaching passion is tap- I love seeing kids understand rhythm for the first time- I also like to make a lot of noise ☺ I perform with a few lovely ladies at various events dancing club style hip hop as well!

What’s your favorite thing about performing?

Brining the internal monologue to physical expression, and having the conversation with the audience about their perception of the reality that I believe we had created.

If Broken Rhythms had a catch phrase, what would it be?

Boom Ba Gee Da Da.


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