Choreographic Journey -Spark to ThySelf

ThySelf marks the fifth full independent work that Broken Rhythms has performed and Dyana Sonik-Henderson has choreographed.

It started with a Spark ….

Spark, a show based on human evolution was the first work from Broken Rhythms which premiered at the Intrepid theatre You Show. The name and theme of the show were both symbolic as the ‘Spark’ was the beginning of something special  while the evolution aspect was a reflection on how these experiences would develop me as a choreographer, director, instructor and leader.”


Jump ahead six years to ThySelf …

“Originally a show to explore personal anxiety it developed into a show with a focus on empathy, fragility and community.  We are busy, we are tired, we connect, we release, we self soothe, we are individuals, we are each other and we sometimes need to know that we will be okay.

I have had ups and downs with my role as Artistic Director but that is okay and part of growing and developing. I have faced situations that have quite literally paralyzed me and I have at times lost the creative voice that I depend on to create new and original works on demand.

While creating ThySelf I ran across this passage…

 “We are all fragmented, …there is no unitary self. We are all in pieces, struggling to create the illusion of a coherent ‘me’ from moment to moment.”-Charles Fernyhough

I feel fragmented and fight constantly to find  my  true “self”  but as  I change moment to moment am I discovering my true self? or am I losing the old self? Or are all these sometimes conflicting selves  a part of us and rush to the surface when called upon to act.

I like thinking that these parts are all a part of the true us and without them (even the ones I sometimes wish were not there) we could not be ThySelf.”


DSC_0207 2

ThySelf premieres March 16+17 at 7:30 March 17 at 2pm

Metro Theatre.

This show is for anyone who has felt lonely in a crowded room or at peace in a moment of solitude.

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