Christina Plaschka

cp-oil-picChristina has been an avid dancer ever since the age of two when her parents put her in dance classes in an effort to curb her never-ending energy. She grew up dancing in Nova Scotia where she took classes in jazz, ballet, tap, modern and lyrical and performed on a competitive dance team. She continued to evolve her dancing by participating in festivals while also taking RAD exams.

Christina had the opportunity to dance internationally in Hawaii where she gained experience dancing in a wide variety of performance venues and continued her dance education in ballet and pointe. Since moving to BC Christina has continued to explore her love of dance by taking many different classes in ballet, jazz and contemporary.

Christina is a founding member of Broken Rhythms and has been a part of Intrepid Theaters’ You Show as well as three successful Island Fringe Festivals with Broken Rhythms along with countless other performances. She loves that Broken Rhythms continuously allows her the chance to perform in a diverse range of shows as an adult whilst managing a balanced work/life/ dance schedule.

Christina Plaschka

In her words…

What’s your favourite piece in Universal Horrors?

The first dance I learned was Dracula, and it’s really stuck with me this entire time. The music is haunting and the piece really captivates you and draws you in. Plus, I’ve always been fascinated with stories or anything to do with vampires.

Why should people come to see Universal Horrors?

Universal Horrors is going to be our biggest show yet, with a full multimedia experience, haunting music and creepy moves that will definitely appeal to anyone with an affinity for old horror movies and/or just a love of dance and art in general.

What was your first project with Broken Rhythms?

cp-4My first project with Broken Rhythms was the production of Spark for the YOU Show in 2012.
Do you have any pre-performance rituals to help you to get ready for the stage?
It’s changed over the years, but I always need to stretch on my own to really settle into performance mode, and I always like to do a group huddle right before we go on stage to bring everyone together for those last couple of deep breaths.

What’s your favourite snack to bring to rehearsal?
Chocolate covered almonds!

If Broken Rhythms had a catch phrase, what would it be?
“It’s supposed to feel a bit weird”


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