Come Dance with BROKEN RHYTHMS!

Broken Rhythms is excited to announce the creation of ‘Remount Workshop Series’

For this series, we will be remounting and rehearsing 1,000 Pieces of π and will be working through the show at a fast pace. We are looking for members from the arts community who wish to learn, engage, participate in or just watch the rehearsal process. This series does not include technical training or a step by step breakdown of the show. It is an open rehearsal in which you can take in as much of the choreography as you can, be in a creative space, ask questions and learn a full show.

Broken Rhythms dancer Sara in rehearsal

This opportunity is great for those who…

  • Want to learn more about Broken Rhythms or would like to be considered for future projects
  • Alumni who wish to learn the newest show
  • Are in a different field of work and would like to experience a fast-paced rehearsal setting without the pressure to perform
  • Anyone who was intrigued by 1,000 Pieces of π and wanted to put the numerical elements into practice

Due to COVID and time constraints we have limited space :Therefore we are asking that you send us a letter of interest by OCT 25. Please include why this project interests you, what you wish to get out of it, any scheduling conflicts and any dance, movement or arts background you have (does not need to be extensive). Email: Atten:Dyana Sonik-Henderson (PI)

Location: Raino Dance (716 Johnson St)

Cost: $100.00 (participation fee) *if cost represents a barrier please submit application and Broken Rhythms will cover the cost.

Covid safety measures: (Must be double vaccinated and show proof before being accepted into the workshop series)  

**Decisions for approved applications will finalized on Oct 26 and everyone will receive an email back.

Remount Workshop Series Schedule (* you do not need to attend all workshops dates but it is recommended)

Original Cast of 1,000 Pieces of π in rehearsal
  • Nov 7 Sunday
    • 7-9PM 
  • Nov 14 Sunday
    • 7-9PM 
  • Nov 21 Sunday
    • 7-9PM
  • Nov 28 Sunday
    • 7-9PM
  • Dec 5th Sunday
    • 7-9pm
  • Dec 12 th Sunday
    • 5-9pm

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