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A quick wink to LASHBASH

With Lashbash just around the corner we wanted to give you some more information about the company and answer that deep burning question from our audience.

….What’s with the Lashes?

Founding member Naomi Graham in “SPARK” in full lashes

LASHBASH is the name chosen for Broken Rhythms annual fundraisers, as it harkens back to when the company could not afford any costumes. The Eyelashes were added last minute to Broken Rhythms’ first work “Spark” as a way of uniting the dancers on stage.

Then In 2012 the artistic director of Broken Rhythms (Dyana Sonik-Henderson) accidentally had the company show up in full costume with lashes at a casual Victoria Fringe meet and greet event. Fringe artists and audiences commented on the ‘genius marketing power of the lashes’. This lead to LASHES being worn over the next 5 years at Fringe Festivals across Canada and it became a way for the company to market contemporary dance to a broad audience.

Though Broken Rhythms has moved away from having lashes included in every project, the company has developed a fondness for what they represent. So every year we give thanks to the Lashes that helped Broken Rhythms develop into the company they are today.

Sadie putting on her Lashes for dress rehearsal


Date: Wednesday July 6th 2022

Location: Uplands Golf Club 3300 Cadboro Bay Rd

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