Caleigh began dancing at the age of 7 and knew she had found the thing that would be able to transform her thoughts into understanding. After 5 years of living, traveling, and dancing abroad she returned to Victoria and completed her Bachelor of Sport and Fitness Leadership as well as her Associates in Tap and Modern faculties from the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing. She currently teaches at various studios on the island and co-owns RNS Dance Inc. Caleigh began dancing with Broken Rhythms in 2015 and is looking forward to a 2 show season this year with the company. When she’s not dancing you can find her traveling or drinking coffee! Caleigh believes that dance has the power to build strong, creative, and empowered communities.

Caleigh on stage during SEVEN (photo by Dyana Sonik-Henderson) 

What inspires you to dance?

It’s not so much that I am inspired to dance but more that I feel a continuous need to create, move, and express.

Which work do you connect to the most ?

I honestly connect to the whole show. I think because I am a performer but also a dance teacher- I find myself connecting to the creative process in the two different forms and really do find that each segment plays a role in my own process too. 

Caleigh in rehearsal for Internal Rhythms (photo by Dyana Sonik-Henderson) 

What has surprised you the most during the creative process?

It has been really interesting developing a show that is 4 segments. Each has its own story, beginning, middle, and end. That has been interesting to work with for this show.

 If you were a musical instrument, which musical instrument would you be and why?

I would be an electric guitar. I am loud, ecstatic, vibrant, and either the perfect amount of energy or a little too much … Oh and I would most definitely have a sparkly strap.

Caleigh on stage during SEVEN (photo by Dyana Sonik-Henderson) 

Dates for Internal Rhythms

March 15 7:30pm

March 16 7:30pm

March 17 3pm (Matinee) 

Location: Metro Theatre (1411 Quadra Street)

Tickets: $28 at Ticket Rocket

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Facebook: BrokenRhythmsVictoria

Twitter: @Broken_Rhythms_



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