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Caleigh began dancing at the age of 7 and knew she had found the thing that would be able to transform her thoughts into understanding. Caleigh grew up training in Sidney, and competed on and off the island representing Victoria at the Provincial competitions. She moved to Edinburgh Scotland to pursue dance at 18, and traveled extensively for the next four years. After returning to Canada in 2012, she completed her Bachelor of Sport and Fitness Leadership as well as her Associates in Tap and Modern faculties from the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing.  Caleigh is currently teaching and dancing in Victoria and believes that dance has the power to build strong, creative, and empowered communities!

Caleigh rehearsing for LASHBASH  (Broken Rhythms annual Fundraiser)

What was the funniest moment during rehearsal of the show

“I just love dancing with these women so much, and literally anytime my eye catches theirs in a rehearsal I smile. This usually leads to giggles, which then erupt, into fits of laughter. I think with such intense subject matter and portrayal of character it is a way for me to burst out of that for a moment. We laugh every time we are together.”

Why do you think the art of dance is the most effective in portraying such sensitive material?

“Because dance is a way to communicate without words, I believe it is a powerful tool that allows each member of the audience to interpret the subject matter differently, as opposed to spoken word. And because dance is movement based, no two shows are the same, and you can never look at the image or structure of the movement for more than a second. That makes emotions and understanding fluctuate throughout the show as opposed to an art piece, which can be studied. I think it is a way to reach an audience about a vulnerable subject through beauty and physicality.”

Caleigh on stage performing Guilt from SEVEN

If you could give advice to any young person, or indeed, anybody in general suffering with social anxiety or mental health, what would it be?

“I am no expert or claim to be, but I do know that dance has helped me. There are few things in our world now that are momentary, and with dance it is changing moment by moment. You literally have no choice but to indulge in and appreciate each moment of movement. It allows you to keep present, and if you can apply that same principle to your everyday life, it can bring down those walls of anxiety that surround the future, expectation, and questioning.”

Caleigh performing Universal Horrors 

ThySelf – is the newest piece from Victoria’s innovative indie dance company BR explores anxiety, self-sabotage and identity through dance. 

This show is for anyone who has felt lonely in a crowded room or at peace in a moment of solitude.

March 16&17 @7:30 March 17 @2pm

Metro Theatre (1411 Quadra Street)

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Interview: by Sivert Das

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