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Sara was born and raised on the east coast of Canada, where she discovered her love for dancing at a young age. She started in ballet, jazz, and tap, but after having the opportunity to take a contemporary class at the age of 16 she knew there was no looking back: this style was her heart and soul. Dancing was moved to the back burner while Sara pursued a career in Interior Design, but after moving to BC 5 years ago, her passion was reignited when she joined classes at Raino Dance. Sara started dancing with Broken Rhythms in 2017, performing in a collaborative show with Convergence Contemporary Ballet Company, and is looking forward to taking the stage again for ThySelf.

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Sara during ThySelf photoshoot (photo by Alina Sotskova)

What about the show specifically drew you in and made you want to perform it?

“As someone who has suffered from anxiety, this show has a very personal meaning for me. Dance has played a huge part in my coping with anxiety and helping me discover and accept myself, so when the opportunity presented itself to be a part of this show, it was an obvious answer for me. This show is a physical representation of what so many people experience going through life, and it is so fulfilling to be a part of it.”

How relevant is this show and how do you think it will speak to people?

“As mental health becomes a more prevalent topic in today’s world, this show is right on point in terms of relevance. The detail that is put into the choreography and music speaks volumes to the internal struggle that so many people face every day.”

“This show is for anyone who has felt lonely in a crowded room, or at peace in a moment of solitude.”

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Sara working with the company early in the  creation of “ThySelf

What do you think you will take away most from your experience in this show?

“I’ve always seen dance as an expression of who I am and how I’m feeling, and this show is no exception. Learning how to connect the choreography with my emotions is so valuable to not only me as a performer, but also me as a person.

What was the funniest moment during rehearsal of the show?

One of the funniest moments during rehearsal for me was when we were running one of the pieces where Heidi is performing a beautiful and emotional solo. The rest of the dancers are off to the side of the stage, and there is a point where I am cradled in Carlene’s arms and the other three come around into a ‘group hug’. This is supposed to be an emotional and supportive moment, but we all just ended up laughing. I don’t know if you’ve ever been cradled like a baby in a swaying group hug while laughing to tears and trying to be serious, but it is certainly a funny experience.

ThySelf – is the newest piece from Victoria’s innovative indie dance company BR explores anxiety, self-sabotage and identity through dance. 

This show is for anyone who has felt lonely in a crowded room or at peace in a moment of solitude.

March 16&17 @7:30 March 17 @2pm

Metro Theatre (1411 Quadra Street)

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Interview: by Sivert Das

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