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Christina has been an avid dancer ever since the age of two when her parents put her in dance classes in an effort to curb her never-ending energy. She grew up dancing in Nova Scotia where she took classes in jazz, ballet, tap, modern and lyrical and performed on a competitive dance team. Since moving to BC Christina has continued to explore her love of dance by taking different classes in ballet, jazz, contemporary and hip-hop. Christina is a founding member of Broken Rhythms and most recently traveled to Toronto this past summer to perform Universal Horrors in their 2017 Fringe Festival.

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Christina in Universal Horrors 


What do you think you will take away most from your experience in this show?

“I cherish any opportunity I get to perform with Broken Rhythms. I love all of these amazing women, and I think I am just really proud to be involved in the creation and performance of such a beautiful and important show.”

What was the funniest moment during rehearsal of the show? 

“Any long rehearsal usually has its hilarious moments. They usually come from Dyana saying a phrase such as “harder, but softer”, or “don’t throw the farm away”, that usually makes us break out into tears of laughter. We’ve coined them “Dyana-isms”, and they are legendary in our company.”

Christina Plaschka
Christina in Broken Rhythms first show SPARK

What do you hope the audience gets from this show?

“I hope the audience takes away what they need from this show. Everyone in the audience will have a different, subjective response. I think people will connect to different pieces depending on their experiences and what they think the movement represents. That is the great thing about dance; everyone will have a slightly different, but hopefully equally enjoyable experience.”


ThySelf is the newest piece from Victoria’s innovative indie dance company BR explores anxiety, self-sabotage and identity through dance. 

March 16&17 @7:30 March 17 @2pm

Metro Theatre (1411 Quadra Street)

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interview: by Sivert Das

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