PAPER STREET THEATRE-Grimm (With Broken Rhythms)

Broken Rhythms is excited to be working with Paper Street Theatre for their upcoming show, Grimm (part of their 2022/2023 season).

Paper Street Theatre is a well known and beloved improvisational theatre company, under the direction of improviser and storyteller Dave Morris. Paper Street Theatre creates improvisation that feels like theatre, and is always expanding and developing new ways for improvisational theatre to be performed.

Grimm (the first show of Paper Street’s 2022/2023 Season) is not to be confused with Broken Rhythms 2013 production of Grim, performed as part of Broken Rhythms second season, then remounted, performed and toured later as part of the BC Fringe Festival circuit. This shared inspiration led to the perfect opportunity for both companies to work together again!

Grimms’ Fairy Tales are a far cry away from the pleasant fairy tales you think you know. They have a rather grim past ~ Snow White puts the evil queen in iron shoes and makes her dance until she dies, Cinderella’s sisters get their eyes pecked out by birds, and the Frog isn’t kissed, throwing him against the wall turns him into a prince. Join Paper Street Theatre and Broken Rhythms Dance Company as we tell our own, improvised, cautionary tales, with some inspiration from you and The Brothers Grimm.

This is a great opportunity for two local companies to create together, learn from one another and inspire new work and new passions.

Grab your tickets and check out Paper Street Theatre for all your improvisation needs.

Wed Oct 26th – Sat Oct 29th 2022
8pm | $18
Intrepid Theatre Club

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