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This weekend Broken Rhythms will be joining  The Wonderheads and Impulse Theatre for the inaugural performance lab. Organised and presented by Impulse theatre, the performance lab has provided a studio space, small budget  and opportunity for feedback while new work is being created.


I wanted to share a little of my experience (Dyana Sonik-Henderson) and growth that this lab has provided for me and what I will be showing on Saturday at the performance Lab show.

One –The challenge

One of the biggest decisions that I had to make was to begin to set this work on myself. I have for the past two years  put my focus on directing, producing, instruction and choreography but I made the decision to challenge myself to take to the stage (after two years away) with the long term goal of creating a 40 minute solo work.


Two- Getting myself ‘Performance ready’ and showing ‘unfinished work’

My view on performance ready is not only the physical ability (which I have been working on since this lab was announced) but also being in a space mentally to bring the emotion and honesty  in to the room while creating and to the stage. The work is unfinished and is still changing…But this is the good part… It is meant to be unfinished; it is meant to be experimental. I am showing something I have not done before and this is helping  me grow. I am uncomfortable and I am Loving it!!

Three-  I have finally begun the creation process

This work has been on the back burner for two years. I have applied and sometimes received residencies or other creation labs. However, those opportunities have required a lot of travel and are during the studio teaching year when I am working full time with BR and working in my home studios.  I applaud Impulse theatre for providing me with this performance lab and flexibility while working around my schedule and allowing me to continue to work in Victoria at the same time. I had not realized what I was missing in the creation process.


Four ..Oh Right the work..

As of Tuesday July 30, I have a solid 10 minutes that is ready to show also known as part one with a part two that is really early in the development … so I will see how the next few days go… It also might completely change.


BROKEN RHYTHMS DANCE COMPANY is to be showcasing WHIRLPOOL, a local dance company created to showcase the unique style of rhythmical contemporary. This solo work by Artistic Director Dyana Sonik-Henderson explores the connection between body, mind, agency, production and autonomy. Themes of feminism, social messaging, and physical and emotional health are interwoven throughout.

If you are around this Saturday head down to CCPA and take a look at some new work from three local companies.

Date: Saturday August 3rd

Start time: 8pm

Location: Canadian College of Performing Arts (1701 Elgin Road, V8R 5L7 Victoria)

Tickets -$10 in advance $15 at the door 

Facebook event


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