Rhythmical Contemporary Scholarship Training Program

Broken Rhythms Victoria Society is proud to offer three one-year scholarships as part of a pilot project aimed at providing high level dance training to local artists!

Applications Now Closed

This Program is perfect for …

  • Dancers hoping to one day dance for Broken Rhythms Dance company
  • Artists who want more dance experience/training, but may lack associated funds
  • Early career artists who want a more intimate, flexible and individual styled program or mid-career artists who have potentially taken a break from dance and want to return
  • Dancers that have a varied style of dance or artistic background and want more opportunity to explore rhythmical contemporary

What successful applicants will receive …

  • A full scholarship to train with Broken Rhythms Dance Company, valued at $3,200 annually
  • Approx. 8 hours a week of training/rehearsal, plus two hours a week of independent study
  • An intimate look at the creation and development process of producing a show
  • The opportunity to learn Broken Rhythms repertoire

*This training program is not performance based and is meant to complement (not replace) other dance/arts training classes and programs.

Goals of the program…

  • Accessibility, and deconstruction of traditional ‘dance’ standards regarding ideas around body, gender, and age
  • To provide training to future Broken Rhythms Company Dancers
  • To support the local dance community
  • To help local dancers network/learn/grow in a safe and accepting environment
  • To offer individual and specialized ways of learning and engagement in dance


Participants are expected to make a commitment to attend rehearsals, keep up training and participate in Broken Rhythms events. This might include roles such as understudy, helping with promotions and volunteering at Broken Rhythms events.

*Rehearsals primarily take place on Saturdays and Sundays during the year and a full schedule will be provided before a position is offered.

Selection Process

Scholarships will be awarded by a panel of three and priority will be given to members of the BIPOC and LGBTQIA2s+ communities. We encourage applicants from equity-seeking communities and intersecting identities to apply.

All applicants are encouraged to learn more about Broken Rhythms (check out the Broken Rhythms website, Instagram and Facebook), as well as reach out with any questions by email brokenrhythmsvictoria@gmail.com *Attention: Training Program

Important Dates

  • Application due Sept 05 11:59 pm Extended Sept 12 11:59
  • Program begins Oct 1 2022

To Apply

Fill out application here (Applications now closed )

Video submissions also accepted

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