SEVEN in full circle

SEVEN marks the first remount in Broken Rhythms’ history with a nod to their past work that toured Canada. Broken Rhythms is honoured to have the chance to look back on a work that has become so iconic for the company. In their seventh year as a Victoria dance company it seemed appropriate to bring SEVEN to the stage once more, with new life.

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Heidi dancing Loss and Loneliness. Photo by Ian Sparks

For Broken Rhythms’ dancers Caleigh Hunter and Heidi Fox Lange, their connection to SEVEN began several years ago, before either of them were members of the company.

When the show first premiered at the Victoria Fringe Festival in 2014, Heidi came in support of founding member, Naomi Graham.Coming from a musical theatre background, Heidi had no idea that watching contemporary dance could be so cathartic. Witnessing SEVEN gave her space to heal from the suicide death of a dear friend on a level that is simply not tangible outside the artistic realm. Heidi was so moved that she felt compelled to one day work with Broken Rhythms. And now, she is able to heal on yet another level, by having the opportunity to dance in the remount.

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Caleigh dancing Disorganized. Photo by Ian Sparks

For Caleigh seeing the piece in 2014, she was moved by the beauty of the dancers, the character of the pieces, and the choreography she was witnessing. Shortly after seeing Seven Caleigh joined the company, but this piece now has become even more special than when it began for her. During the SEVEN rehearsal process, Caleigh’s teenage cousin was killed. This was a devastation amongst Caleigh’s family. Through this time she continued to show up for rehearsals, learn new steps, and keep dancing. Dancing through the seven stages of grief has been a huge part of the healing process for her, allowing her body to experience these emotions not just internally but externally has been something incredible.

The remount of SEVEN is happening at the Metro Theatre (1411 Quadra Street) on November 30th and December 1st, where you can catch both Caleigh and Heidi coming full circle in this important work. Their hope is that anyone who sees this show can find some healing in their grieving process.


November 30 (7:30pm)

December 1 (2pm and 7:30pm)

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