Tickets for Chiaro:Scuro

‘Chiaro:Scuro’  is premiering at the Metro Theatre April 7th + 8th 2023

From the Dance Company that brought you SEVEN, Universal Horrors, Thyself , 1,000 Pieces of π, and Above Me. Broken Rhythms is excited to wow audiences with a brand new work.

Broken Rhythms takes inspiration from the Film Noir genre and Germanic Expressionism to play with the light and dark of the human condition and centers on the ‘femme fatale’ character through a modern lens.

Chiaro:Scuro is a re-imagining of Film Noir stylistic and stereotypical features such as shadows, fog, feelings of paranoia, betrayal and antiheroes who find themselves in dire situations beyond their control. Broken Rhythms newest work is created using their praised and unique signature style (Rhythmical Contemporary) and utilizes complex choreography to unusual rhythms set to a film noir dark and jazzy soundscape.

Chiaro:Scuro is proudly supported by the CRD Arts Development Service

Dates: April 7+8 at 7:30
Location: Metro Studio Theatre (1411 Quadra Street)
Tickets: $35.00

To keep up to date on info and when tickets go on sale sign up for Broken Rhythms Mailing list

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