Tiffany Hannan

Born and raised in the quaint little town of Kimberley BC, Tiffany started dancing at the age of 12. She studied tap, jazz, ballet and hip hop competitively at the Kimberley Dance Academy and at Stages School of Dance in Cranbrook, BC.

After graduating from University of Victoria with a Bachelor of Arts in 2011, she moved to Wellington, New Zealand where she found herself performing with a dance crew called ‘Jazz it up’. After several years she found that she missed her beautiful community in Victoria and returned home to British Columbia.

Once back in Victoria, Tiffany’s thirst for dance lead to her taking classes at Raino Dance, Passion and Performance and Vibe Street Dance. In 2014 she tried her first ever modern dance class with Dyana at Raino Dance and was fascinated with her abstract and unique rhythmical contemporary style that emphasizes breath and emotional expression. Since joining Broken Rhythms last summer, she has performed in Lash Bash, the CRD’s 50th Anniversary Celebration, and at the Mamma Mia! Broadway show after party.

Tiffany is also currently working on another project with Third Canvas, a modern dance company lead by local artist, Kathy Lang. The project is expected to be featured in the late spring 2017.

Tiffany is honoured to be dancing with Broken Rhythms is thrilled to be featured in the Universal Horrors production.

In her words…

How long have you been dancing with Broken Rhythms?

Since 2016. My first show was Lash Bash where I performed Rapadiddle, Clash and 1518.

What’s your favourite piece in Universal Horrors? Why?

Wolf. The wolf piece is really animalistic, literal and powerful. It’s fun to explore and play within those parameters and I’ve been given freedom to insert my own style into it. I enjoy the challenge of transforming the character from wolf-animal into human-wolf.

Why should people come to see Universal Horrors?

It’s not your average dance show! Everyone is familiar with these classic horror films and it’s fascinating to see them translated into a dance production via Dyana’s abstract imagination. There’s a lot of dramatic & emotional movement woven in with multimedia film background effects, which adds another level that I think will appeal to a broad audience.

Do you have any funny stories from a Broken Rhythms event or rehearsal?

Dyana constantly entertains me with her strange, yet effective feedback such as: “Don’t give away the farm”, “Imagine you’re in a forest”, “Pretend that you haven’t eaten in awhile and you’re protecting your chicken nuggets”, “Act like you’ve been punched in the gut”, “It’s not so much a ‘pause’, but more of an absence of movement”.

Other than rhythmical contemporary, what styles of dance do you like to do?

I’ve been dancing Jazz for most of my life and I also really love tap and hip-hop. Ballet is a good tool to build strength and technique. I’m also really interested in exploring more diverse hip-hop styles, like waacking, tutting, vogueing, popping & locking, etc. My next endeavour is to try aerial arts like pole, silks, hoop and acro.

What’s your favourite thing about performing?

Sometimes I go into this trance on stage where time slows down and I get chills throughout my body. My mind goes blank and I feel eerily calm, like I’m watching myself from afar. It’s a strange and beautiful feeling. Adrenaline is a hell of a drug.

What’s your favourite rhythmical contemporary dance step?

I enjoy how there’s an emphasis on inserting audible breath into the choreography. It’s very grounding and connects the dancers to one another.

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