Lola International Week 1: “Do You Even Lift, Brah?”

We’re nearing the end of the first week in-residence with our mentor Gabbi Beir at Dance Victoria with the Lola Projectand what a week it has been! We’ve had a lot of laughs and dancedour butts off and things are starting to come together.


This week started with an showing and structured feedback session between us and the other Lola collective facilitated by our mentor and one of Berlin’s finest Dramaturges; Gabbi Beir. It was a great opportunity to show what we had been working on prior to our residency and receive feedback. This is a very different way of working for the company as we have never work shopped or previewed our pieces before they hit the stage! It has been an amazing treat to have a dance home for the company, even if it is only for two weeks! The amount of work wehave been able to accomplish with solid seven hour studio days is remarkable!Screen shot 2015-02-04 at 12.44.18 PM

Our piece is a lot about social anxiety, ‘the grind’, and the cut-throat and EXHAUSTING race to get ahead. On Wednesday we worked on press releases, which includes naming a piece, which sometimes feel like a nearly impossible task, and with us around it doesn’t get any easier! We always start with serious suggestions such as Grind but quickly turn to titles such as Come At Me Bro and Do You Even Lift Brah? Apparently the competitive nature of this dance has brought out our inner thugness! Wonder what name we actually settled on? Take a guess and then we’ll see you Saturday at the showing!IMG_1920

Working in the studio with our Artistic Director, Dyana Sonik-Henderson, and having Gabbi observing is very interesting and a totally new experience. We work differently, the longer we’re together the less real language we use it’s a lot more Hee, Hoo, Saahhhh, He, Ha, Ha, Ta, Cha, Tick Tick sounds instead. The thing about Dyana is that she has a certain unique way of settling choreography on us. Most of the time we have little to no idea of the themes that are percolating in her head. Rarely do we start with music or themusic we’re actually going to use. We start with lots of movement and the other things; character and rhythm, are layered on top (or underneath, depending on how you see it). It’s like a SEVEN layer dip that would not be the same without each interdependent ingredient. Only Dyana starts with the cheese and olives andadds the guac and beans later.

Our bodies our sore and our heads are swimming in new steps and sequences – but we couldn’t be happier! Pretty sure our bodies are looking forward to long hot bath and a two-day nap!

Naomi & Paige

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