Meet… Meag Saulnier

Meag is funny, caring and the fashionista of the company! You can’t miss Meag on route to rehearsal in either her head to toe Jamaican track suite or a pair of fabulous leggings! Meag has this amazing air of confidence to everything she does, in a photo shoot she created her own jump, a “Ninja Jump”, exclaiming it with such confidence it took the rest of the company a minute or two to realize that didn’t exist! But Wow! Check out that awesome shot!

"Ninja Jump"
“Ninja Jump”

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Now here’s what Meag had to say about Broken Rhythms and SEVEN…

SEVEN Rehearsal
SEVEN Rehearsal

Dancing with Broken Rhythms is inspiring, freeing and innovative.

Being able to find a company as an adult dancer has been something I have been yearning for.

BR is constantly experimenting with new endeavors which really pushes the envelope for me and I love how our repertoire expands.

I have many favourite moments from Seven pre-show rituals-putting on our “suits”… To the moment we were all sitting around the balloon at the start of the first piece and we all started crying!

Spoken Word Festival
Spoken Word Festival

I am looking forward to touring Seven. After last years Fringe the show felt not over. It will be exciting to perform for a new town and my hope is that it is the first of many!

Dance is physical exercise yet it is also touches one on spiritual and emotional levels.

There is a linguistic component as well that comes from the rhythmicity of the music one moves to. Dance is a universal language crossing ethnicities,ages,sexes and abilities;breaking barriers and creating opportunities for social justice. Dance is used in every culture for celebration and grieving. These are some of the many reasons why I love dance.


I love dancing with Broken Rhythms as I feel a deep connection with the dancers and feel liberated by the animalisitc movements that Dyana has choreographed.

– Meag 
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