Broken Rhythms’ new work 1518 To premier at Convergence Contemporary Production

Broken Rhythms’ new work 1518

To premier at Convergence Contemporary Production

When: Friday @7pm

Where: Glenlyon Norfolk School Theatre 


As part of the premier performance of Convergence Contemporary Ballet company, Broken Rhythms has been invited as guests to join this company as it premiers two new works: “1518” and Grey Matter. Convergence will premier three new works: Andante, Shift and For Now I Am Winter.


The Inspiration behind “1518

The inspiration comes from the historical story of the dance epidemic or dance plague of 1518. It was traced back to a lone women, Frau Troffea, who stepped onto a narrow busy street of Stasboug, France, and began to dance. This plague lasted over a month, spreading to over 400 people and caused many deaths from exertion. The dancing was contagious and uncontrollable, rather than joyful; the afflicted dancers were said to have expressed fear and desperation and at times called out for help.

Broken Rhythms is excited to bring this story to life for the upcoming Convergence Contemporary Production. Designed in the style of a Operatic Ballet with a rhythmical contemporary twist, the company dancers—Naomi Graham, Carlene Brick, Meagan Saulnier, Caleigh Hunter, Christina Plaschka, and Lauren Fortier—all eventually succumb to the music and allure of the movement.

* Choreographer and Artistic Director Dyana Sonik-Henderson

ÇPilgrimage of the Epileptics to the Church at MolenbeekÈ | ÇDancing ManiaÈ | ÇThe dance at MolenbeekÈ Pieter Breughel the Younger, painting.
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