Integrate Arts Festival- Highlights For Movement and Dance Lovers

The Integrate Arts Festival (formerly known as “Off the Grid Arts Festival”) is back this year and is hosting a number of events in and around Victoria August 25-27.The event included an en masse art crawl (a movement in large groups from gallery space to gallery space) and acted as a celebration of small galleries, artist-run centres, and alternative arts.

Broken Rhythms Society wanted to highlight some of the works in this festival that feature dance or movement and we highly encourage everyone to go and see as much as they can and to enjoy the entire festival.

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The Integrate Arts Festival map will guide the public to a variety of exhibitions and events at participating galleries, publicly accessible studios, and various sites throughout the city. You can access the map using the Integrate brochure (found at participating locations) as well as on the Integrated arts festival website.


Everything is FREE! All participating galleries, parties, events, and performances are free during the festival crawl. Some public galleries will revert to admission fees or ‘by donation’ on Sunday.

Spaces: Performances by Véronique Emmett

Véronique Emmett is a dance artist from Victoria, BC that will be performing three site-specific performances which are to be held on the afternoon of Saturday August 26th.

Spaces explores how we as individuals are influenced by our own environment and the spaces that we find ourselves in, and in turn how we can influence these spaces through movement. Each performance is held in a different location providing different elements and influences for movement and creation.

Three site-specific performances:20800141_1666245896743451_8520996587482748993_n
12:30PM – 1:00PM / August 26
Art Gallery of Greater Victoria – 1040 Moss Street.

2:00PM – 2:30PM / August 26
The Coffee Lab – 2612 Bridge Street.

3:30PM – 4:00PM / AUGUST 26
Commercial Alley – Located between the 500 block of Yates St. and Bastion Square.


Facebook event here

PDA • Public Displays of Affection

Other featured artists Laura Gildner will be offering a walking tour. It starts at 1pm at the Integrate HQ. Here is a brief description from the artist:

Public Displays of Affection is a participant-driven performance work by Laura Gildner that will tour between selected Integrate exhibitions in the downtown core on Saturday, August 26th beginning at 1pm. Linking galleries together via personal connections to space, PDA will examine layered intersections between the body, identity, and art as they relate to urban geography.”

Facebook event here

Habitat: A Performance by Courtney Chaney

Courtney Chaney, will be performing her work Habitat on Saturday August 26 from 7-20729236_1664210623613645_6575232128958880108_n9pm at the Integrate HQ.

Habitat focuses on the relationship between human and nature by allowing the viewer to encounter an exposed vulnerability within the space as the performer embodies a fetus or seed through direct contact with composted soil.

Facebook event here

Broken Rhythms Victoria Society overarching vision is “To Support and Encourage the Local Victoria Dance Community” and “To be involved in community events that feature dance and/or movement based works” Broken Rhythms is not associated with Integrated Arts society.

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