Meet… Meag Saulnier

Meag is funny, caring and the fashionista of the company! You can’t miss Meag on route to rehearsal in either her head to toe Jamaican track suite or a pair of fabulous leggings! Meag has this amazing air of confidence to everything she does, in a photo shoot she created her own jump, a “Ninja Jump”, exclaiming it with such confidence it took the rest of the company a minute or two to realize that didn’t exist! But Wow! Check out that awesome shot!

"Ninja Jump"
“Ninja Jump”

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Now here’s what Meag had to say about Broken Rhythms and SEVEN…

SEVEN Rehearsal
SEVEN Rehearsal

Dancing with Broken Rhythms is inspiring, freeing and innovative.

Being able to find a company as an adult dancer has been something I have been yearning for.

BR is constantly experimenting with new endeavors which really pushes the envelope for me and I love how our repertoire expands.

I have many favourite moments from Seven pre-show rituals-putting on our “suits”… To the moment we were all sitting around the balloon at the start of the first piece and we all started crying!

Spoken Word Festival
Spoken Word Festival

I am looking forward to touring Seven. After last years Fringe the show felt not over. It will be exciting to perform for a new town and my hope is that it is the first of many!

Dance is physical exercise yet it is also touches one on spiritual and emotional levels.

There is a linguistic component as well that comes from the rhythmicity of the music one moves to. Dance is a universal language crossing ethnicities,ages,sexes and abilities;breaking barriers and creating opportunities for social justice. Dance is used in every culture for celebration and grieving. These are some of the many reasons why I love dance.


I love dancing with Broken Rhythms as I feel a deep connection with the dancers and feel liberated by the animalisitc movements that Dyana has choreographed.

– Meag 

Meet… Chelsea Hilbert

Chelsea is the energy that keeps a long full day rehearsal going strong! She is amazingly hard working, when everyone else is tired and ready to turn it in Chelsea is ready to run the show in full swing again! SEVEN was Chelsea’s first show with Broken Rhythms, opening night was the first time Chelsea had been on stage with the other three dancers so it was a crazy yet wonderful experience! Chelsea is also a talented hair stylist so you’ll see her on stage with a new hair style or color almost every night!

SEVEN Rehearsal
SEVEN Rehearsal

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Now here’s what Chelsea had to say about Broken Rhythms and SEVEN…

Photo Shoot
Photo Shoot

To dance with Broken Rhythms is amazing! It is an opportunity to dance and create beautiful art through movement with a wonderful group of passionate women! I feel so lucky to have a local company in Victoria that I can dance with that is supportive and flexible and none competitive! We are such a team and the group wouldn’t be whole without each and every one of us.

Loss & Loneliness, SEVEN
Loss & Loneliness, SEVEN

My favorite moments from SEVEN were all of the laughs and tears we shared, all of the support we gave each other while working on a very emotionally charged show, and are pre-show rituals that got us all connected before hitting the stage every show.

Going to Edmonton is going to be amazing! I can’t wait to show the talent this small Victoria dance company has to offer, and the chance to work with so many other talented people from all over the world! It will also be an incredible bonding experience for us girls, it already feels like a sisterhood but after Edmonton I am sure we will be even closer and more connected than ever before.


What I most enjoy about dancing with Broken Rhythms is that we are really is a little family! I am able to do what I love and share that with others. To share something so beautiful with people who are all so passionate, it really is like therapy and an escape from everyday life.

 – Chelsea

Meet the dancers of SEVEN…

Broken Rhythms is going on tour to the Edmonton Fringe Festival this August!

Shock & Denial

We are in the last month of our online fundraiser and every week in March we will be focusing on one of the four dancers from SEVEN.

So stay turned each week, meet the dancers, share, and support the company!


First Up: Meet… Naomi Graham

Naomi is a founding member of Broken Rhythms and has played a vital role in all three major productions, SPARK, GRIM and SEVEN. You’ll always notice Naomi on stage, not only by her array of beautiful tattoos but her amazing emotional connection to each and every piece! Naomi also loves bulldogs, you’ll often find her flyering shows during fringe with her tutu wearing bulldog Bella or like in this photo you’ll lose her during flyering and find her cozied up with another bulldog!

Flyering Break!

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Now here’s what Naomi had to say about Broken Rhythms and SEVEN…

Photo shoot, GRIM

Our first Broken Rhythms rehearsal was during a cold winter. I really didn’t know what to expect. I had only worked with Dyana as a choreographer a few times before and never to prepare an entire show just for us. In fact, I think this was the first time I was part of a show, a professional company show, just for adult dancers. It was just Lindsay and I that first rehearsal. Us and two six foot ladders. What started out as play (and numerous heart attacks for Dy) became one of our most memorable pieces; Tree Dwellers. And we’ve only grown from there.

Tree Dwellers, SPARK

Our company has evolved so much since then. From anticipation and uncertainty to confidence and pride, I am so grateful to be part of an evolution of a style of movement, an opportunity that you cannot find anywhere else in Victoria, and to be part of Dyana’s vision and artistic creation. Although I am attached to all three Broken Rhythms shows, SEVEN holds a special place in my heart. I think serendipitous is the only word I could use to describe SEVEN. It’s been a process not only in movement, but a cathartic exploration of my own experiences with grief – both from my past, and as we were preparing for the show.

Naomi and her daughter Grace

Last summer my 15 year old made a courageous decision to accept her father’s offer to live with him for a school year. Grace and I are close; close in age, and close at heart. I have always struggled to be away from her, but this was something I don’t think any parent can prepare for. As parents, we have the agonizing task of prioritizing our child’s best interests (and experiences) over our own feelings. It reminded me of when she learned to walk; I couldn’t catch her every time she fell or else she wouldn’t learn. If I said no to her moving to San Diego – she wouldn’t learn. The day I returned from California without my child, I walked into a rehearsal for our last piece; Rebuilding. We had tried a few variations on our ending, but this one was different. Dy said: ‘The feeling I get from this piece is not necessarily acceptance but that you have to move forward. This dance represents picking up the pieces, and experiencing the goodness in life with a fresh and healing wound’. That’s exactly how I felt. On that day I had to experience dance (which brings me such joy) without Grace. Rebuilding holds a special place in my heart.

Rehearsal photo, SEVEN

I’ve toured once with the Broken Rhythms Company before. We had a great time together. Performing in a new city is always so exciting and nerve wracking. I can’t wait to go to Edmonton. I honestly can’t wait to start rehearsing SEVEN again. So much has happened in life since last summer and I am excited to see how our experiences will shift and strengthen the movement. I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to dance in this way and I can’t wait to share it with a broader audience.

~ Naomi

Lola International Week 1: “Do You Even Lift, Brah?”

We’re nearing the end of the first week in-residence with our mentor Gabbi Beir at Dance Victoria with the Lola Projectand what a week it has been! We’ve had a lot of laughs and dancedour butts off and things are starting to come together.


This week started with an showing and structured feedback session between us and the other Lola collective facilitated by our mentor and one of Berlin’s finest Dramaturges; Gabbi Beir. It was a great opportunity to show what we had been working on prior to our residency and receive feedback. This is a very different way of working for the company as we have never work shopped or previewed our pieces before they hit the stage! It has been an amazing treat to have a dance home for the company, even if it is only for two weeks! The amount of work wehave been able to accomplish with solid seven hour studio days is remarkable!Screen shot 2015-02-04 at 12.44.18 PM

Our piece is a lot about social anxiety, ‘the grind’, and the cut-throat and EXHAUSTING race to get ahead. On Wednesday we worked on press releases, which includes naming a piece, which sometimes feel like a nearly impossible task, and with us around it doesn’t get any easier! We always start with serious suggestions such as Grind but quickly turn to titles such as Come At Me Bro and Do You Even Lift Brah? Apparently the competitive nature of this dance has brought out our inner thugness! Wonder what name we actually settled on? Take a guess and then we’ll see you Saturday at the showing!IMG_1920

Working in the studio with our Artistic Director, Dyana Sonik-Henderson, and having Gabbi observing is very interesting and a totally new experience. We work differently, the longer we’re together the less real language we use it’s a lot more Hee, Hoo, Saahhhh, He, Ha, Ha, Ta, Cha, Tick Tick sounds instead. The thing about Dyana is that she has a certain unique way of settling choreography on us. Most of the time we have little to no idea of the themes that are percolating in her head. Rarely do we start with music or themusic we’re actually going to use. We start with lots of movement and the other things; character and rhythm, are layered on top (or underneath, depending on how you see it). It’s like a SEVEN layer dip that would not be the same without each interdependent ingredient. Only Dyana starts with the cheese and olives andadds the guac and beans later.

Our bodies our sore and our heads are swimming in new steps and sequences – but we couldn’t be happier! Pretty sure our bodies are looking forward to long hot bath and a two-day nap!

Naomi & Paige

Dance Days: Rhythmical Contemporary Workshop (open level)

IMG_1805When: Feb 1, 2015 @ 11:00-12:30

Where: Dance Victoria Studio

2750 Quadra Street

Victoria, BC V8T4E8

Cost: Free to register

(Advance registration recommended)

Instructor: Dyana Sonik-Henderson

Come out and celebrate Dance Days by attending Victoria’s RhythmicalContemporary open level workshop on February 1st. This style was born and developed in Victoria and is used by Victoria dance company Broken Rhythms. Its influences include Jazz, Contemporary and Hip Hop with inspiration from animalistic movement and musical interpretation.


Registration recommended at

Facebook: Broken Rhythms Victoria

Twitter: @Broken_Rhythms_

Instagram: brokenrhythmsvictoria

Modern 3 (taught by B.R artistic director Dyana)

Location: Raino Dance

Times: Wednesday 6:15-7:30 and Friday 6:00-7:15 

 Instructor: Dyana Sonik-Henderson


 For Victoria dancers looking for a challenging, technique based, and positive energy class, come join Modern Level 3 at Raino Dance downtown Victoria (715 Yates St).

 These classes are only for adults and provide a nurturing and supporting dance community to push boundaries and interpretation of what Modern dance is and what it can be.

Building on training received in England, Toronto, Italy, and Calgary and of course Victoria, my classes draw inspiration from music, natural body movement patterns, and have been found to contain many animal elements as descriptive terms.


Find the level, class, and style for you. Check out the possibilities at

SEVEN Aug 21-31@ Metro Theatre (Part of Victoria Fringe)

Fringe poster draft III-1 2

On Thursday August 21st Broken Rhythms is unveiling its newest work, SEVEN, a fifty-minute intimate visual experience that deals with the SEVEN stages of grief—both the ugliness and the beauty. This show explores the universality of grief and how it can be paralyzing, shocking and ultimately freeing.10487180_829092917115699_6757728642766274257_n

We also continue to tell stories using Rhythmical Contemporary, a unique style of dance exclusively developed by Broken Rhythms, which brings animalistic qualities into movement and highlights the importance of music in storytelling.

Broken Rhythms is a Victoria based company under the artistic direction of Dyana Sonik-Henderson and has recently been in residency at Dance Victoria to complete work for their upcoming show at the Victoria Fringe Festival.

The company has also been selected to participate in Dance Victoria’s 2015 LOLA Projects working with Berlin-based dramaturge and production manager, Gabi Beier of ada studios.

Shows: Metro Theatre
Thur 21 – 7:45pm
Sat 23 – 3:00pm
Mon 25 – 7:00pm
Fri 29 – 7:15pm
Sat 30 – 6:45pm
Sun 31 – 5:30pm
Tickets at or at the door
Don’t forget your Fringe button!!!

Attention Victoria Dancers!!


Broken Rhythms is creating new work for the upcoming 2014 Fringe festival and is looking to add one to two dancers.

Deadline March 7th -send any previous performance experience or resume along with video link of your dancing.

For more Information, contact

Broken Rhythms Bio

Broken Rhythms is a Victoria-based dance company under the artistic direction of Dyana Sonik-Henderson. Broken Rhythms was founded in 2011 to accommodate the innovative style rhythmical contemporary, which combines jazz, contemporary, Hip Hop, and animalistic influences. It premiered to a sold out show run of Spark as part of the Intrepid You Show and went on to success with its 2012 Fringe run winning Pick of the Fringe.  In 2013, Grim captured three Pick of the Fringe awards.

Broken Rhythms’ goal is to give Victoria dancers a platform to perform and work in a supportive environment. Rehearsals will take place March –August with shows August 21-31 2014.