Broken Rhythms submissions for company member positions for the 2018-2019 season is now Closed.

*Victoria dancers who are interested in working with Broken Rhythms are encouraged to make contact by taking Rhythmical Contemporary workshops, attending Broken Rhythms events/shows and making direct contact by email

We are a professional dance company that pays the artist we work with and offer free training to those who are in development for productions. Our company’s mission states that the creativity and consistency creates the dancer, and we wish to work with and develop our dancers on an ongoing basis as opposed to the traditional single audition process.

Application should include:
Resume or an outline of dance experience, a blurb about why you dance, *any possible rehearsal/show conflicts you will might have in the upcoming year and any Broken Rhythms workshops, events, or  shows you have attended and what impacted you.

*Rehearsals primarily take place on Saturdays and Sundays and any scheduling conflicts must be disclosed before a position will be offered


Deadline for the 2018-19 season applications is June 30, 2018. Only those who fit company requirements and meet criteria for upcoming productions will be contacted.-

Company Position descriptions 

Full Year alumni (contract position)
*only available to dancers who have successfully completed two years in Full Contract dancer position or have otherwise received permission from Artistic Director to apply

Broken Rhythms Company Position Descriptions

Full Contract Dancer 

Broken Rhythms Company Position Descriptions 

Apprentice contract dancer 

Broken Rhythms Company Position Descriptions 

This season Broken Rhythms society season is involved in many new and innovative projects. Due to the nature of festivals and grants some performance dates are still unknown. Most rehearsals take place Saturday evening and Sunday with any conflicts to be disclosed and resolved before the signing of contracts.

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