VICTORIA DANCERS: Broken Rhythms Victoria Society is seeking one to two more dancers for upcoming March performance

Broken Rhythms Victoria Society is seeking one to two more dancers for the upcoming March performance Internal Rhythms (March 13-16) choreographed by Dyana Sonik-Henderson.

Broken Rhythms is  a professional dance company that offers per diems to  artists we work with and offers free training to those who are in development for productions.

Deadline for submission  is December  27 

Rehearsals and Show Dates

January 1-6 intensive (all day intensive but hours can be adjusted based on availability), January, February, March weekend availability (Saturday rehearsals will take place after 5pm and Sundays all day availability needed)

*Broken Rhythms offers flexibility in schedule but any scheduling conflicts must be disclosed before a position will be offered.

Application should include:

Resume or an outline of dance experience, a blurb about why you dance, *any recent dance documentation, any possible scheduling conflicts and any Broken Rhythms workshops, events, or  shows you have attended and what impacted you.

Dancers will be narrowed down from those who apply with priority going towards dancers we have worked with or seen dance before.  We will let dancers know by December 28th.

Deadline for submission  is December  27 

Submit to: 

Apprentice contract dancer 

Broken Rhythms Company Position Descriptions 

*Victoria dancers who are interested in working with Broken Rhythms are encouraged to make contact by taking Rhythmical Contemporary workshops, attending Broken Rhythms events/shows and making direct contact by email


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